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    Company Backgrounder

    Job Candidate Certification (JCC) is
    a workforce development learning
    management system. The firm was
    established in 2004. Over the last
    decade the JCC staff has exhibited
    an unwavering commitment to the
    provision of workforce development
    and regional economic sustainability
    with these concepts serving as the
    very foundation of growth and success
    of JCC.

    Beginning in 2008, JCC’s scope
  expanded to include additional markets
    and embrace the increasing utilization
    of video, electronic media and related

   JCC has established a solid reputation
   as a good corporate citizen and the firm
   enjoys a presence in the regional
   business, economic development and
   civic communities. In addition, our firm
   has serves on boards, task forces and
   lends individual and corporate support
   to local educational and collegiate



   NAICS Code

   561311 - MBE/DBE
   Employment Placement Agencies

   561320 - MBE/DBE
   Temporary Help Services

   611430 - MBE/DBE
   Professional and Management  
   Development Training

   624310 - MBE/DBE
   Vocational Rehabilitation Services

Learning Management System (LMS)
JCC learning management system includes certification training, online marketing and assist with the placement of job candidates who are seeking employment through state of the art green resources. The JCC program is currently offered in English and is available to veterans, the disabled, hearing impaired, economically challenged, and to those who were incarcerated and are transitioning back into society.

Training Classes
Job candidates must complete Level 1 (40+ hours), Level 2 (10+ hours) or Level 3 (3+ hours – most popular) of job readiness and employment preparedness training.